Awards & Annuals

CBCA Crichton Award

I’m delighted to share that my work on Margo Lanagan’s ‘Tintinnabula’ has been recognised with the Crichton Award, from the Children’s Book Council of Australia. The award is for first time picture book illustrators, and has previously been won by many book illustrators that I admire. Working on ‘Tintinnabula’ was a dream project – I’ve always wanted to illustrate a picture book, so for my work on it to be recognised by the CBCA is extra special.

You can see the full list of winners here.

Crichton and Aurealis Award Nominations

I’m happy to share that my work with Margo Lanagan on ‘Tintinnabula’ has been shortlisted for the Crichton award, from the Children’s Book Council of Australia! You can see the full shortlist on the CBCA website here:

Additionally, a while back, Tintinnabula was also nominated for an Aurealis Award, in the Best Illustrated Fiction category! That shortlist can be found here:

Spectrum 25

I’m honoured to have four pieces juried into the Spectrum annual this year. Three pieces from ‘Tintinnabula’ were accepted, as well as a personal piece. Many thanks to the judges, and congrats to all who got in!

2017 Chesley Award Nomination

Tom, Thom by Rovina Cai

My piece ‘Tom, Thom’ has been nominated for a Chesley Award this year, in the Interior Illustration category! The piece was created for a short story, and is one of my favourite pieces from last year.

The calibre of work nominated is truly amazing, and I’m super honoured to be included. A list of all the gorgeous work nominated can be found here.

2016 Chelsey Award Nomination

I’m pleasantly surprised that two of my pieces were nominated for Chesley awards this year! The award is presented by the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists, and I’ve always looked up to the artists who are nominated each year. To be among this years’ list of nominees is a high honour indeed. It’s nice to know that people are seeing my work out there in the wild, and can maybe connect with it in some way.

The nominated pieces include ‘Black Hole’, created for the Light Gray Art Lab COSMOS show and Oracle Deck. And ‘Cold Wind’, created as an assignment at the Illustration Master Class, based on a short story of the same name by Nicola Griffith.

Spectrum 23 Award

Tom, Thom by Rovina Cai

The ceremony for this years’ Spectrum Fantastic Art award was held recently at the Society of Illustrators in New York. I’m happy to report that my piece ‘Tom, Thom’, created for, has been awarded a gold award in the book category. You can see a list of all the wonderful nominated work here.

Thank you so much to all the judges, and congratulations to all my fellow nominees and winners!!